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2017 NDASS Committee - Voting Open

Thank you for your interest in joining the Notre Dame Association of Surgical Specialties (NDASS).

NDASS strives to be the leading student-led organisation for medical students with an interest in surgery. We will achieve this goal through a unique program of workshops, lectures, revision nights and research events. As such we are looking for highly motivated, organised and passionate individuals to extend our successful inaugural year into 2017 and beyond. 


Applications for next year have now closed. Please find the applicants for each position below. Next to each position, you will find the name of the NDASS member who applied and a link to download and view there application form. For those positions that are uncontested, voting will not be required. However, where contested, we require all members to cast their vote. 


Voting is open to all NDASS members from: Monday 5th September until Sunday 11th September 2359 AWST


The successful applicants will be announced: Thursday 15th September (Annual General Meeting)


There were six positions available, four executive committee positions and two operational committee positions.

Executive committee positions were only available to individuals who have previously worked on the NDASS committee. Operational committee were open to interpretation and are available to all NDASS members. 


President: (Uncontested)

Ryan Cohen - MED300

Click here to view their application


Vice President: (Uncontested)

David Hennes - MED200

 Click here to view their application 


Treasurer: (Nil Eligible)



Secretary: (Uncontested)

Aaron Frederiks - MED300

 Click here to view their application 


Operations Commitee (2): (Contested - Must Vote)

Cassandra Carbone - MED100

Click here to view their application


Jarrad Turner - MED100

Click here to view their application


Vijay Pather - MED200

Click here to view their application


Elizabeth Jenkins - MED300

Click here to view their Application

Jess Micallef - MED300

Click here to view their application


Please click on the link below which will open an external link to vote via SurveyMonkey. We greatly appreciate your vote and input into next year's committee. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our team members.

NDASS team 2016.

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