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Women in Surgery Symposium 2022

Women in Surgery Symposium 


Date: Mid-Late May 2022


In keeping with the mission of NDASS to promote diversity within the surgical specialities, we are proud to announce our first ever Women in Surgery Symposium. The event aims to highlight incredible surgeons in their respective fields and provide insight into the challenges of becoming a surgeon.


Speakers on the panel will be women with varying surgical experience in varying surgical specialities. With specific focus on the less exposed specialities in the Notre Dame curriculum. The panel will range from consultants through to surgical RMOs and will be answering your questions on what life was, is and could be like in a male dominated speciality. As well as share their opinions and experiences through training in such a competitive environment. 


Stay tuned for announcements regarding our keynote speakers!


Unfortunately due to COVID restrictions in WA, the event will be online in 2022

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