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Conditions of Attendance at NDASS Events


The right to enter and attend the NDASS Surgical Skills Evening (the ‘Event’) is

subject to the following conditions (the ‘Conditions’):

  1. Attendees are to behave at the highest standards of professionalism, appropriateness, and safety at all times prior to, during, and following the Event, and will not bring NDASS into disrepute.

  2. Attendees will follow all instructions provided by representatives of NDASS and guest clinician facilitators at all times, including, but not limited to, safety instructions regarding the use of personal protective equipment, safe handling of sharps, safe suturing technique, and safe disposal of sharps.

  3. Participation or attendance by an attendee in any suturing activities, surgical activities or otherwise that take place prior to, during, or following the Event is at the sole risk of the attendee.

  4. Photographs of attendees may be taken by representatives of NDASS during the Event, and such photographs may be used by NDASS in any hard-copy or electronic promotional material from time to time

  5. NDASS is in no way liable for any loss or damage caused to attendees, or that attendees cause to other attendees, guest clinician facilitators or third parties, whether direct or indirect, arising, or in any way associated with, attendance at or participation in the Event.


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