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Study 1 - FULL


Dynamometric Evaluation of Gait Patterns in the Normal Population.




Aims of Project: The project would involve collecting normative data using dynamometers and small portable gait devices for evaluation of normal gait patterns. This will support a large prospective study assessing the use of dynamometers and small portable gait devices in the evaluation of gait patterns.


Research Methods: The aim will be to use portable devices and dynamometers to collect normative data from a range of healthy individuals. A sample of medical students would work well. Some questions that can be asked include: what is the difference between the dominant and non-dominant ankle? Does this correlate with the differences in their upper limbs? Does their handedness matter, etc.


Timeline: May 2016


Students Role: To work with the research team to organise subjects, collect and analyse data It is intended that this project will lead to a brief publication.


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